Uses of Gold in Different Industries

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Among all the minerals that can be mined from the Earth, there’s nothing more useful than gold. Its special properties make gold one of the most coveted minerals in various industries. 

Just think about it. Gold conducts electricity. It’s easy to work and can easily be hammered into thin sheets or turned into wires. It can be melted and cast into all sorts of shapes. 

If you want to know more about the different uses of gold, read on as Group 11 Technologies shares some of them: 

Gold for Jewelry

Gold is one of the most precious metals used for jewelry. It’s malleable and can easily be used to craft luxurious and elegant pieces for both men and women. Gold is also durable, and with proper care, it will look brand new for a long time.

Gold for Coinage and Bullion

Gold is considered a valuable metal. It’s also used for coinage as well as for bullion bars. If a country needs to create an emergency supply, such as a reserve to be used for bartering, for example, it will use gold bars as reserves.

Gold’s Use in Electronics

While not as popular as it used to be before the invention of silicon, gold is still widely used in semiconductors. In fact, gold is still the best conductor for high-temperature operations. Gold is also used in electronics and other related industries as connectors, coating, plate connectors, resistors, and wires. Its resistance to corrosion makes gold one of the most preferred metals to be used in electronics.

Gold’s Use in Computers

Gold is used in computers in the form of circuit boards. These are also used as connectors and in other hardware components of the computer. Sometimes, gold is also used to coat computer chips.

Gold in Dentistry

Gold is used in dental crowns and as fillings. Dentists highly prefer gold as it is malleable, so it can easily be shaped. It is also resistant to corrosion and decay, which is why it is considered a durable option.

What You Should Know about Responsible Gold Mining

The emergence of irresponsible mining and mining companies that are greedy for quick returns has caused damage to communities and the environment. That’s why people are more concerned about responsible mining nowadays.

Responsible gold mining ensures that local communities are involved and consulted about mining activities. Mining companies also ensure that their activities do not negatively affect the environment.

If you want to buy gold or invest in gold, there are a few things you should know. If a company is doing responsible gold mining, it means that they are committed to environmental sustainability. They are also committed to upholding the rights of local communities and labour.

Responsible gold mining companies aim to produce as much gold as possible while reducing the impact on communities and the environment. That’s why responsible gold mining is more important today than ever.


Gold is used in jewelry, in electronics, in the making of denture crowns and fillings, in computers, and in many more ways. It is one of the most sought-after and celebrated minerals in the world. That’s why if you have the chance to mine gold, you should do so. Just make sure to get your gold from a trusted company that practices environmentally friendly mineral extraction. 

Group 11 Technologies is a company in Canada that is committed to socially responsible mineral extraction, ensuring that we do our part in changing the way that industry recovers precious minerals including gold. Find out more about our environmentally friendly mineral extraction!

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