A Closer Look at Sustainable Gold and the Ethics behind It

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Nowadays, the world has become more conscious of our effects on the environment and the living beings that depend on it. Because of this, there has been a strong call for environmentally ethical practices across multiple industries. “Sustainable gold” has been used a lot in the last few months in relation to this. What does the term mean, and how can you tell which businesses use it?

Here is a closer look at sustainable gold and the brands using it:

The Definition of Sustainable Gold

Only recently has the jewelry industry started using the term “sustainable gold.” This means that the gold they sell is not mined in a way that harms the environment, making the process environmentally sustainable.

Gold is often mined through unlicensed or illegal mining in places where it can cause environmental damage, such as through river pollution and pollution of water tables. With this in mind, you can be assured that sustainable gold is mined in an ethical and environmentally friendly way, helping to protect the planet. 

The Scrap Gold Association, for example, says that for gold to be sustainable, it should come from companies that mine it in a “responsible, legal, and safe way.”

How to Find It

You may buy eco-friendly gold on the manufacturer’s website, and there are several sites to find out how long the gold they use will last once they deliver it to you, and you may even check their website for a fair trading method.

The Responsible Jewellery Council aims to enhance gold’s sustainability, and in addition to strong social, environmental, and ethical criteria, the Council sets guidelines for its members and encourages them to use recycled or ethical gold.

Make sure the gold you buy is from a trustworthy source. If you are still unsure, you can visit the jeweller’s website or phone them. Many companies want to talk about manufacturing gold in a more eco-friendly way.

The Ethics of Gold

The gold business is one of the world’s largest in terms of market value, and it will grow as people become more interested in gold. One of the major challenges with gold is mining, which is a challenging subject in itself.

Gold has been mined in some extremely damaging and unethical methods. It’s easy to tell where your gold originated from, but not so easy to tell how it was mined.

Some of the world’s greatest gold mines have harmed the environment by using mercury to extract gold from the rock. Even though the International Jewellery Council dislikes it, several nations still use it.

Gold is valued for many reasons, but it is also brittle. Because scratches are easily obtained, they must be treated with care. Because gold is delicate, you must choose sturdy gold jewelry that’s not composed of cheap materials.

A gold ring may also be bad in some situations. Some jewelry is manufactured with gold alloys, containing less valued metals like copper and nickel. These alloys are generally harmless but can produce discomfort and allergic responses in certain people.


By looking at the company’s website that makes the gold jewelry you want to buy, you can determine whether it was made ethically and sustainably. You can also check out fairtrade and ethical jewellery schemes or call the jeweller directly and talk to them about their production methods.

By looking at these different sources and making an effort to find out about the appropriate use of gold, you can ensure that you are buying ethical and sustainable jewellery.

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