Mining Trends Promoting Efficiency and Safety in the Industry

Environmentally Friendly Solutions and In Place Mining to Extract Precious Metals

These shifts in the trends have been slowly changing the image of the mining industry and everyone involved in it. Instead of focusing on the pure financial gain without regard for the environment or the people working, the priorities of the mining businesses pivot.

Aside from that, there have been quite a number of trends that have significantly changed the services that have impacted the standards for mineral extraction for the foreseeable future. If you want to learn more about these mining trends, keep reading this brief overview.

1) Automation

Automation has been making an appearance in just about every industry and job these days, and the mining industry is no exception. Green technology and automation have been thriving, utilized by businesses for more efficient and responsible mineral extraction.

Using automation has changed the perspective of many businesses, as it’s shown that projects can be accomplished while prioritizing many miners and labourers. Having those increased automation saves on time and limits the need for putting workers in danger zones, especially when utilized right.

2) In-Situ Recovery

In-Place Mineral Extraction or IPME is often conducted in order to mine minerals such as gold. This usually entails working in open or underground pits, which can severely damage the land and its surroundings. In-Situ Recovery or ISR offers an alternative to such a method.

Instead of having those disturbances executed, ISR goes for a non-invasive approach that’s more environmentally friendly. Metals would be extracted with minimal damage to the surface and its accommodating eco-system by using a dilute solution. Seek out this method if you’re hoping to prevent any environmental damage.

3) Battery Electric Vehicles

Diesel has tainted the mining industry in the past, but battery electric vehicles are a trend that can improve business operations and brand image. It’s better for the environment when businesses utilize electricity since there’s less pollution involved.

Switching to BEV optimizes the working experience of your employee, ensuring that they have better air quality when there are necessary operations underground. Plus, removing the need for any additional equipment and a ventilation system can increase savings and balance out your expenses.

4) Predictive Maintenance

There are several maintenance tasks involving the equipment and systems used for mining. Predictive maintenance has been a trend that encourages businesses to assume when the company should be fulfilling those tasks.

Having that scheduled prediction of when maintenance should be conducted can be a great preventative measure from any breakdowns that might occur during operation. It’d reduce the chances of the equipment and systems endangering the employees of your company while in use.


Adopting and supporting more efficient and safer mining trends greatly benefits many of the workforce involved in mineral extraction, as well as the environment. It’s best to be a little more conscious of the other moves that can be made and executed to better the mining industry.

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