Why the Mining Industry Is Essential to the Economy

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The coronavirus pandemic has been challenging not only for some industrial sectors but for the entire world. We have also seen how essential the mining sector is to a nation as we faced this challenge.

Fortunately, the Canadian mining sector is considered essential, so the industry’s operations have continued running and keep people employed.

Likewise, the mining sector has helped supply materials to other industries and keep them running when the country needs them the most. The mining sector has been essential not only to the survival of the Canadian economy but also to help it recover and thrive again.

This article will go through the importance of mineral extraction to a nation and where we will see this industry as we move into a new normal after the pandemic.

Why Is Mining Essential?

The coronavirus pandemic has shed light on the importance of mining to a nation. The minerals extracted through mining are used for construction, essential products and technology, and goods consumers need. Other than this, it also provides jobs, dividends, taxes, and business opportunities for countries.

Essential Products

You may not notice it, but your everyday consumer products are mining products. Whether that’s the bicycle you use for transport, the tube of toothpaste in your bathroom, or the electronics you use daily, they all require minerals from mining.

On a grander scale, the roads, hospitals, public transportation, and machines used in food production rely on the mining industry. This makes mining essential for numerous sectors.


Around 626,000 Canadians work in the mining sector. Mining is also the largest private-sector industry that employs indigenous people. Each of these employees has a family of their own who rely on their occupation for a living.

Other than these employees, the mining industry also keeps suppliers of mining equipment running along with the industries they supply with the extracted minerals.

According to the Mining Association of Canada (MAC), the coronavirus pandemic has heightened the demand for minerals and metals. The mining industry is vital to the economy by supplying this demand and ensuring that businesses can run and grow despite the ongoing pandemic.

There is also a greater demand for mineral extraction technology that is both available and responsibly sourced. Group 11’s alternate technology that is less invasive than conventional mining methods continues to grow and supply this demand.

These responsibly sourced methods can provide the essential minerals and jobs at a lower cost and in a non-invasive way.

Recovering from the Global Crisis

The mining industry is essential to sustain the nation through the global crisis and help it recover and grow after the pandemic. As businesses are slowly reopening, more sectors such as technology firms and medical facilities will need mineral supplies and equipment that are reliant on mining. The mining industry continues to be a reliable supplier of these essential supplies.


As these are essentials, the demand for minerals and equipment continues to be high despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The mining industry is essential not only because it provides jobs but also because it supplies the vital needs of various sectors such as medicine, technology, and construction.

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