Is There a Global Exhaustion of Mineral Resources?


There have been many talks that mineral resources will be depleted in the next few decades. However, a team of scientists from around the world has demonstrated that this is inaccurate, and most mineral commodities’ resources are sufficient to fulfill the increased demand from future demographic shifts.  On the other hand, industrial and economic exploitation […]

6 Crucial Considerations for In-Situ Recovery in Mining


After years and years of constant mining, our planet’s natural resources have considerably waned. Because of this, mining experts and authorities continue to develop ways for environment-friendly mining practices. One such example is In-Situ Recovery (ISR) By definition, In-Situ Recovery means the extraction of oil, natural gas, and other minerals through technology, rather than the […]

In-Situ Recovery – a Move Towards ‘Keyhole Mining’ (Part2)


In the first part of this article, Group 11 Technologies shared with you the challenges faced by the mining industry these days and the advantages of in-situ mining. In this second part of this post, we are going to dive deeper into in-situ recovery and how it’s going to take us towards keyhole mining: Leaching […]

In-Situ Recovery – a Move Towards ‘Keyhole Mining’ (Part1)


Today’s needs and luxuries that include the use of mobile phones, laptops, metal structures, and more have added to the estimated use of almost 0.5 million kilograms of metals, fuels, and rocks per person in their lifetime. Just think about it. A vehicle requires about 15 different minerals. A computer, on the other hand, needs […]

2 Crucial Factors to Consider When Identifying Situ Mining Feasibility


When it comes to mining deposits, it’s crucial to ensure the site can handle the extraction process to guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the miners. That’s why situ recovery plays a pivotal role as it assesses a site’s feasibility. Compared to traditional mining methods, ISR differs by using less water, less power, and providing […]

4 Common Risks Related to Environmental Mining in the Future


Canada is a leading mining nation. Therefore, a chunk of the country’s economic power lies in the mining industry—including the exploration, processing, and manufacturing of mined products. The government also supports many citizens by providing them jobs that help sustain a living. However, no matter how productive the mining industry is, it is still a […]

The Top Ten Countries with the Highest Resource Density

natural resources

Natural resources are the basic materials required for the global creation and production of all products. These resources are extracted as well as unextracted from the earth, meaning they thrive naturally even without the help of humans. Such natural resources are tremendously advantageous to governments and corporations all over the world. And here, we’ve rounded […]

What You Need to Know About Canadian Mineral Resources


Minerals are naturally occurring geological formations. Compared to fossil fuels like coal and oil, minerals are inorganic compounds. This means that they are not from any animal or plant matter.  Canada is rich in mineral resources mined in different provinces and territories. We are considered one of the top producers of aluminum, nickel, potash, salt, […]

Why the Mining Industry Is Essential to the Economy


The coronavirus pandemic has been challenging not only for some industrial sectors but for the entire world. We have also seen how essential the mining sector is to a nation as we faced this challenge. Fortunately, the Canadian mining sector is considered essential, so the industry’s operations have continued running and keep people employed. Likewise, […]

Water Stress and Flooding: What Mining CEOs Need to Know.


Climate change has been a topic of discussion in the mining industry for the past decade. Still, projections of heavier precipitation, drought, and heat indicate climate challenges will become more frequent and intense, increasing the physical challenges to mining operations. In this post, Group 11 Technologies is going to dive deeper into the effects of […]