Everything That You Need to Know About the ISR Method

mineral extraction

There are rich deposits of various minerals in the earth, but it may be too costly to mine these deposits due to the large number of resources needed to reach and extract them. However, In-Situ Recovery (ISR) allows for selective mining, using less surface area to minimize the disturbance of any given environment. ISR is […]

Strategic Mine Planning: What Is It & Why Is It Important


For most businesses, the past couple of years has been challenging. Even the mining industry faced its share of difficulties—from outbreaks and government-mandated shutdowns to global supply chain problems and suspension of air, land, and sea transportation. Mining remains an essential industry, providing tons of jobs to locals. Because of this, companies must apply strategic […]

What Are the Dangers of Cyanide in Gold Mining?


Gold mining can be pretty dangerous, but it’s most harmful when cyanide is used to extract it from rocks. The good news is that there are innovators in the industry like Group 11 Technologies that are trying to eliminate this horrible practice from the gold mining process.  But why is the use of cyanide dangerous? […]

Copper: What Is It And What Properties Does It Offer?


Gold and silver are among the most well-known metals in the Periodic Table Of Elements, and to those who are experts in metallurgy, this is nothing new. However, if you were to ask an expert which metal is truly the icon on the table, the answer may surprise you. Sure, gold and silver are used […]

4 Good Reasons to Ban Cyanide Usage in Modern-Day Mining


For more than 120 years, cyanide has been part of mineral extraction processes, primarily in gold extraction from ores. Although it is a toxic substance, it is still a quick and easy way to separate gold and silver particles—along with low concentrations and proper use. However, over the years, there have been instances where the […]

Mining Trends Promoting Efficiency and Safety in the Industry


These shifts in the trends have been slowly changing the image of the mining industry and everyone involved in it. Instead of focusing on the pure financial gain without regard for the environment or the people working, the priorities of the mining businesses pivot. Aside from that, there have been quite a number of trends […]

Group 11 Technologies Signs Option Agreement with GFG to Advance the Rattlesnake Hills Gold Project with Revolutionary Technology

April 14, 2021, Dallas, Texas: Group 11 Technologies Inc. (“Group 11”) is pleased to announce it has signed an option and earn-in agreement (the “Agreement”) with GFG Resources Inc. (TSXV: GFG) (OTCQB: GFGSF) (“GFG”) to advance GFG’s Rattlesnake Hills Gold Project (the “Project”) in Wyoming, United States. Under the terms of the Agreement, Group 11 […]

Group 11 Acquires First Precious Metals Test Projects

Group 11 Technologies Inc. announced today it has successfully acquired four gold projects in Nevada and New Mexico (“the Projects”) for initial testing of its proprietary IPM technology. Together they represent a crosssection of potential applications of Group 11 IPM technologies, providing an opportunity to test diverse parameters for the application of IPM.