Green Mining: Modern Approaches to Mining Processes


Concerns about the environment’s sustainability and general health make it difficult to see mining as a profitable business endeavour. With the world’s resources becoming less and less, even the mining industry has to look at greener alternatives while maintaining their services for different sectors. Like any business process, mining has various methods that can be […]

5 Mining Practises That Can Save the Environment


The mining sector relies heavily on natural resources such as water, land, and minerals to operate. While it is an essential sector that helps many nations’ economies run smoothly, it can cause irreparable harm when done unsustainably. With so many green technologies enabling sustainable practices nowadays, mining businesses have more than one option when it […]

What Is ISR Mining and What Advantages Does It Bring?

Excavator near industrial machines

Have you ever heard of ISR mining? Open-cut and underground mining has been the basis of the resource sector globally for many years. However, both come with well-recognized concerns of premium costs, significant environmental effects, enormous footprint, and difficult post-mining rehabilitation. ISR mining is an alternative to conventional mining and has a lot of benefits. […]

Why in-Situ Recovery Is the Future of Sustainable Mining

crusher machine in open pit

In-situ recovery, also known as ISR, is environmentally clean, non-invasive mineral extraction. It aims to remove mineral ore from where it is—hence the name, which means “in the natural or original position.” Traditional mining, which removes large amounts of rock and earth around ores, disturbs the area significantly. Miners typically use ISR for recovering uranium, […]

Group 11 Technologies Completes Initial USD$1 Million Financing

July 26, 2021, Dallas, Texas: Group 11 Technologies Inc. (“Group 11”) is pleased to advise that Group 11 Technologies Inc., a private US-based company has completed a USD $1 million financing with accredited investors. Proceeds will advance test work to assess the amenability and recovery rates for gold extraction through the combination of in situ […]

Group 11 Technologies To Present at LD Micro Invitational XI

June 8, 2021, Dallas, Texas: Group 11 Technologies Inc. (“Group 11”) is pleased to announce the company will be hosting a corporate presentation at the LD Micro Invitational XI Event. Chief Technical Officer, Dennis Stover, and Janet Lee-Sheriff, President, will be presenting on Thursday, June [email protected] 5:30 PM ET. To register to watch the presentation […]

Group 11 Technologies Inc. Announces Commercial Launch

Effective August 28th, 2020 Group 11’s founding partners have finalized all necessary organizational, shareholder, and licensing documentation and will now commence formal operations. Group 11’s initial steps will include the acquisition and subsequent testing of already identified gold projects that demonstrate specific qualities lending themselves to the Company’s environmentally and economically superior processes.